Sunday, February 13, 2011

Freebie Fuck

E. has really been pressuring me lately to go out and have sex with someone else. Preferably another woman but says a man is ok too. She met up with her ex when we were first married and only recently told me. Now I apparently have a "freebie" to make things even.

She wants me to take pictures and tell her about it. She thinks it will spice up our sex life.

She says that partly the idea turns her on and partly she wants to feel punished. I'm not sure I want to be the one that punishes her but I also want to do what she wants. I am torn.

I was texting with a woman who used to work for me (LB). The subject came up. She offered me her pussy. So there it is. Apparently if I want to do this for E then the opportunity is there.

I admit the idea of her sending me out to fuck some other woman turns me on. It seems to turn her on too. She has me half talked into it. I want to do it but I don't. She wants me to but part of her is jealous at the idea.

I will talk to her about it some more.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Spanked with her shoe

About a week ago, EC came up to me in the kitchen and lightly smacked my butt a few times and out of nowhere, playfully said she wondered how much of a spanking I could take.

Now I have mentioned before that I would like for her to spank me, but it had been a long time since I had brought it up and this was just very unexpected. With a suddenly very hard cock, I told her I don't know but it would be fun to find out.

This morning, I was playfully smacking her butt while we talked in bed, alternating between smacking and rubbing. I rolled over onto my stomach to lay next to her after a while and she sat up and started rubbing my shoulders and scratching my back. She smacked my butt a couple of times and I reminded her of what she said in the kitchen the week before. To my surprise, she started smacking my butt a little harder than she usually might, but not hard enough to register any pain. I laid down and we talked some more while she smacked and then rubbed my butt, over and over. I reached down and picked up one of her flip flops that she had kicked off at the foot of the bed and handed it to her. I told her she could use it as a paddle. I didn't think she actually would, but she took it and started spanking me with it while we talked. I was very erect and very turned on. It felt really good.

After a while I told her I didn't think she was really trying to hurt me. She said of course she wasn't and I told her to spank me as hard as she could with it. She did. It hurt. I loved it. This continued on for a while. She was talking about some of her frustrations with her camera and certain aspects of her photography and as she got into what was really frustrating her, the smacks got harder. I told her to keep doing it. As hard as she could. She said she did not understand why her hurting me was a turn on and I honestly replied that I don't know either, but it was working. she pulled my pants down to see if she was leaving any marks, she wasn't... unfortunately. I thought she was going to spank my bare ass, and I said "go ahead" but I don't think she caught my meaning. She pulled my underwear back up and resumed her smacks.

She was hitting me with her shoe faster and harder. Hard enough that it was starting to cause me to jump a little, which I tried to control because I didn't want her to stop. I rolled over onto my back after a while and she started rubbing my cock through my underwear. She looked me in the eye and commented, "a little moist". I said I told her it was really turning me on. I had a decent sized spot of pre-cum on the front of my shorts.

I sat with her between my legs, facing away from me and started kissing her neck and shoulders, rubbing her boobs and pinching her nipples, while she stroked my cock through my underwear with her arm bent around behind her back. I didn't cum. We came down for breakfast and we're about to have sex here in just a few minutes when we get undressed to take a shower.

I told her we need to stop and buy her a paddle to use. Honestly, though, I LOVED that she was using her shoe on me. I have a thing for her shoes anyway. The best part was how indifferent she seemed to it while she stood there at the foot of the bed smacking me with her shoe while she talked to me about completely non-sexual things. I am still feeling very tender. My very first spanking was a special moment that made me feel so connected to her. I cannot wait to do this again!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


She has found my own personal heaven. I have begged my wife to take on this role in our marriage. I keep praying that she will. I want to serve her. She deserves to be on a pedestal.


Tell Him What You Want

Go get the lotion. I need you to rub my feet.

Run my bath for me. And while I'm in there get started on the laundry.

Get up, Sweetheart, and make me some coffee and an English muffin with butter.

You did a nice job cleaning the bathrooms; I am very pleased with you.

I want a full body massage for exactly one hour; keep an eye on the clock. When you are done I want you to go down on me until I tell you to stop. Afterwards, we'll both go to sleep. You won't be having an orgasm tonight.

I'm going out with the girls tonight. While I'm gone you can work on the laundry.

I want you writing down everything that you eat. I want to monitor your eating habits so that I can make some changes. Also, you'll be starting an exercise program this week.

I think I need to put you on a budget. At the beginning of every week, I'll give you an allowance. If an emergency comes up, please feel free to come to me and we can discuss giving you some extra money.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My wife and I were recently talking about panties and I suggested that we should get matching pairs and wear the same pattern every day. She looked at me and said, "what, like we're girlfriends or something?"

Yes! Exactly like we are girlfriends.

I loved being referred to that way. I told her I have seen how close two women can be to each other. It's not that I think they are necessarily closer than a husband and wife can be, but it is a different kind of closeness. I want to experience that with her. I want to be her confidant... her best friend... I want to be her girlfriend.

We've been out shopping a couple of times now looking for a good matching set. The trouble is she likes Hanes and we can't seem to find the same patterns in both her size and mine. For some reason, they vary the patterns... at least in the stores we have looked at. We'll just have to keep on looking.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sex in a Bounce House

This past Saturday we rented a bounce house in our backyard. After the kids went to sleep, EC and I went out and bounced around in it. We brought a blanket and the camera. We took off our clothes after bouncing around a bit. The neighbor's bedroom window was open and their light was on. If the angle was right, the could see in, but part of it was blocked by a column.

EC was worried that the flash from the camera would draw their attention with it being so dark outside. I was in a pink pair of Hanes panties and she was completely naked. We started having sex on the blanket and after a bit, I wanted to be naked too so I slid off the panties. We went at it pretty hard. Our bodies were bouncing up and down and pretty soon we were using the bounce house to do the work for us... bouncing her body up into my body... her pussy up over my cock.

I came inside of her and we laid there naked, talking for a few long minutes. When we sat up to get dressed, we noticed the neighbor's bedroom light was out and the window was shut. Whether they heard or saw us, I imagine we will never know.

It was a lot of fun! How many people, I wonder, get to say they had sex in a bounce house? I love new experiences!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yesterday, I got up early and was cleaning the house while EC slept in. A little later, while I was vacuuming the carpet, she came in and said, "I think this panty fetish of yours is starting to affect me". My heart jumped... I thought for a moment that she had decided she didn't want to accept it after all and was about to ask me to stop. I would have been devastated.

Instead though, she told me she just had a dream. In her dream, we were in a room in our house that does not actually exist. We had collected all of these machines, like a claw machine for example, and were showing them off to her mother and grandmother. Later on, we were alone in that same room and she was sucking my cock. Then, the next thing she knows, she is licking a pussy instead... the thing was though, that it was my pussy. My cock had been replaced. I told her I really liked her dreams. I've dreamed before (and daydreamed before) that she had a cock. I shared this with her. I love that she had this dream. Perhaps her subconscious is catching up with me. :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I have been getting some advice on pacing myself with EC on the panty/submissive changes that have come up in the last week. One friend in particular sent me a message on FetLife with some good suggestions on separating this so I minimize her exposure to all of this and then if I cannot control myself, to keep a part of that separate for now.

I am sort of doing that already because I have no intention of her knowing about the lipstick, cammy, socks, and jewelry. But this is really good advice on the panties as well.

I think a huge part of the "mad rush" here is the novelty. I know it will probably wear off at least to a point because it seems everything does at some point in time. My wife is aware of this too. I had this conversation with her.

I did some thinking on my drive last night and I realized I need to decide what is most important to me, kink wise. I want her to want me in panties because I like the submission, the humility, etc... but the problem I realized is that while I want to submit to her on the one hand, I'm not exactly doing that if I rush her on the panty thing. It's hypocritical. In a sense it is like I am dominating her into taking on a dominant role, if that makes any sense at all. I'm going to back off and serve her, pamper her and take care of her and try to earn my place at her feet so to speak more organically.

So I have decided I need some patience because it is prudent, yes, but also because if I am going to truly submit to her, then I have to accept her timing and the pace she wants to keep. Otherwise, what is the point? And of course, not doing so risks the whole house of cards collapsing and being left with neither.

Friday, June 18, 2010

More shopping today

I went shopping again today on my drive home. Staying in another hotel tonight on the way.

I bought a new pair of pink ladies socks that fit me perfectly. I also bough a hot pink beaded bracelet, a layered pink and silver chain necklace that dangles down to my belly button at its lowest point, a pink wrap necklace/bracelet with little silver charms, and some feminine toiletries (Secret antiperspirant, Johnson's baby oil, Johnson's baby powder, and Johnson's body care Melt Away Stress Lavender & Chamomile lotion. I also picked up a lipstick (New York Color brand, color: Snowcone (light pink) and a Montagne Jennesse Mud Pac to give myself a facial.

Right now I am sitting here in the hotel room in the pink socks, braided pink anklet, pink bracelet, pink cotton panties, pink cammy, lipstick, and a splash of cherry blossom body mist. I've never worn lipstick before. Kind of enjoying all of this.

I picked up a few pairs of men's bikini underwear and some shirts to match, just to make my wife feel a little better about all of this. She expressed today that she is concerned I might leave her one day to pursue a life as a full time transvestite. While the idea of dressing up fully is appealing, I would never leave her. I want her to be a part of this. She asked for some more time to get used to it. I'll give her all she needs.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Road Trip and a Panty Shopping Spree

I spent most of the day driving to a hotel several hours away for work. Of course, I was wearing a pair of panties for the drive... the pink satin ones my wife bought me. I managed to wear the butt plug for a little over an hour from the start of the trip. I could have worn it much longer, but I didn't want to get too used to it. I like the way it feels and was looking forward to playing with it in the hotel room. I brought one of my fleshlights as well... the mouth.

I got to the hotel and checked in, then went out to dinner with a co-worker, wearing my panties beneath my work clothes. Afterward, I went back to the hotel and changed into some shorts and a t-shirt and headed over to Wal-mart to buy a couple of extra pair of panties. I ended up going on a bit of a shopping spree and bought quite a bit... $43 worth to be exact.

I bought 14 pairs of panties... a 10 pack of Hanes Cotton Bikinis in various patterns, size 9. Size 9 fits me much more comfortably than size 8, apparently this is my size, though the size 8's are doable.

I got a two pack of Smart & Sexy aqua blue nylon bikinis, size 8... I love the see through mesh and one pair is covered in purple and pink flowers, the other pair has a light green pattern running through it. Both have ruffles along the outside.

I bought another pair of George Ladies lace bikinis, size 8, just like the coral ones my wife bought me, but these are pinkish purple.

And I got a pair of George Ladies nylon lace thong, with a matching cammy (both are XL, pink carnation). I am wearing these now along with a pair of pink Faded Glory socks. They are for shoe size 8-12, the biggest I could find, but really tight on me. I will have to look for a larger size. And I am also wearing a pink and yellow braided ankle bracelet.

I got a box of condoms to make the Fleshlight play a little easier on the clean up. I also got a small bottle of bodycology cherry blossom body mist.

I was so nervous walking around the women's department browsing through the different panties and looking for what I wanted. The layout of the store was completely different so I had a hard time finding what I was looking for and there were women all over the place, probably close to a dozen, a couple older than me, but most my age or in their twenties. I got some glances at first but I think they just thought maybe I was picking out something for my wife, but when my basket started to get pretty full, the glances lingered a little longer and I think it was obvious they were for me.

I went through the self check out because I am a big pussy. A young couple came up behind me in line right as I picked up the first pair of panties. I was sooooo embarassed. I hurriedly tried to ring them up and get them in the bag hoping she wasn't paying attention but when I looked over out of the corner of my eye, I could see she was watching me. I kept telling myself that these people don't know me and I will never see them again. It wasn't helping. Just about that time, I was trying to pay with my card and the machine stated an override was needed and the cashier (another young woman) came over and asked to see my ID and card. I was petrified. The panties were all in the bag, open right in front of her, while she glanced at all of the items on the checkout screen and right on top of the bag, was a box of condoms. She smiled at me and tried to make some small talk about being far from home while she typed in her override. My heart was racing by the time I left.

I'm talking to my wife on the phone about it all. She asked me if I brought the coral panties with me. I told her I did and that I bought a few new pairs as well. She said it is a little weird for me to wear them when she is not with me and thinks it is a little odd for me to want to wear them all of the time... just as a fun every once in the while thing would be ok, but this is a little much for her right now all at once. I guess I will need to slow things down. Of course, I have no intention of telling her about the cammy, body mist, bracelet, socks, or the number of panties I just bought. She doesn't want me to wear them every day but I just don't want to give them up. I sooooo hope she doesn't make me. I am having so much fun and finally was starting to feel like I could be me.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Panties, Shopping, and New Toys

So today, my wife put me in an old pair of her panties. White cotton Hanes Her Way, size 6. They were starting to tear and were old. She was going to throw them out, but said I could have them.

I put them on while she watched and we both agreed they were very snug, but they fit well enough. I cleaned up the house with her while wearing them and eventually she sent me out to the grocery store to get a few things for dinner. She wanted me to cook out on the new grill.

I stopped at Tasty's while I was out and spent $150 on a butt plug, cock ring, and crotchless panties for me, and a We Vibe II for her.

I figured since she has been indulging me so much with the panties that I should get her something she has been wanting to try. The woman at the store talked me through how to best use the cock ring and told me a little about the We Vibe. She said it was a very good choice. I wish I would have had the guts to tell her the butt plug was for me and that I was standing there in my wife's panties with my cock trying to break free through the fabric. Honestly, my heart was racing. I was so nervous being in there talking about sex toys with her, even if she was doing most of the talking.

By the time I got through the grocery store and got home, the panties were really starting to tear. I mentioned to my wife as she stood there next to me on the patio that nothing was more manly than grilling out with your wife's panties on. She chuckled and smiled at me. I told her about the panties tearing and my cock was poking through. By the time we got done eating, my balls had managed to find their way out of a second hole. While I was dong dishes, she was standing next to me... I unzipped my shorts and pulled them down so she could see. My cock was protruding, at full erection, on of one hole in her panties and my balls were hanging down out of another. I honestly am not sure how many times I have heard her laugh so hard. It was great! I was laughing too. I asked her if she would go with me to Wal-mart tonight to buy some more that were my size. She said it would have to wait, but told me she had washed the two pairs she bought for me so they would have to do.

I will be driving for eight hours across several states tomorrow and I plan to wear them on the drive. I can't wait. I'm going to see if I can keep the butt plug in that long as well. When I get home, I will tell her about the We Vibe, cock ring, and crotchless panties. I am going to have to work up to tell her about the butt plug. I really want to have sex with her while wearing it, but I don't want to push too much on her at once.

I told her last night and this morning that I wanted her to think about being the one in charge around here. I am going to try and find some good information on the web about female led relationships that she can read. She's not ready to read about full cross dressing and sissies and forced feminization so I will have to be selective. She seems to be warming to at least thinking about it.

She mentioned today that she did think it would be a little weird if I wanted to wear the panties all the time (which I had brought up). I asked her if she would think about letting me and told her that part of me wants her to accept that I want this and part of me wants her to think it is weird because all of this has been so humiliating and that is a big part of the turn on for me. I can't believe I told my wife that I want to feel humiliated. I mentioned that she is always saying I am too aggressive and too hot tempered, so maybe letting her be in charge and getting in touch with my feminine side would help with that. She raised an eyebrow at me and I think maybe that was a little too much for her to process.

I want to go full force with all of this sooooooo badly, but I need to pace it. I know I need to find a good balance of slowing down, but not letting it drop completely. Slow and steady wins the race.

Cleaning House

Today, I am cleaning up the house with my wife... while wearing a pair of her panties. White cotton Hanes Her Way. The best part is, I put them on in front of her. I told her that as long as I have them on, I will do whatever she asks me too. Sexually or otherwise. She is starting to warm up to this. :)